Welcome to HighCash.org!

Our company was founded on August 1, 2012, and the site started its operations on October 20, 2012. As you can see, we are not novices, but a PPD network with one and a half year experience.

HighCash.org offers the best cooperation system in the Internet. All our activities are carried out with the Users in mind, to enable them to earn as much money as possible. It is thanks to them, their trust, we managed to create an entirely new platform in the form of a PPD network, uniting the most active persons from the original version of the site. We cooperate with many networks and advertisers, which allows us to offer the highest rates, the highest EPC, and the highest conversion. We have over 10 000 carefully selected offers from the best networks and advertisers in the market.

Our professional 5-person team is always prepared for any requests of the Users. We elaborated the provisions of our Rules, FAQ, and the Privacy Policy very carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings. The Site Users are well informed about what they can and cannot do.

We do not settle for what is now, all the while trying to modernize our site, adding new features and making things easier for the Users so as to make earning at our site pure pleasure. We do everything to be the most innovative site. The hosting market is constantly changing and evolving, so we must be better and better. By our actions we want to prove that the cooperation with us is the right choice.

We are extremely pleased with the active participation of our Users on the site, who are not indifferent to the fate of HighCash.org, which manifests itself in a number of suggestions and proposals from them. The Site is for the Users, and not the Users for the Site. We want to combine these two essential elements and create something spectacular and extraordinary!

Join us now and you'll find that the things listed above are not just slogans without coverage. We turn words into deeds. Give us a chance and you will not regret this decision!