1. Collecting information about Users and about their connections with third parties.

In special cases, our site may need some private information about our Users, such as a name, surname, username, e-mail, or IP address. According to the Article 24 item 1 of the Law dated August 29, 1997 about personal data protection (a uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101 item 926 as amended), we inform you that the personal data Administrator is HighCash Daniel Czajkowski, with the seat in Bieżuń, address: Targowa 29. These data will be used only for purposes related to the activities of the User on the site, such as a violation of the Rules, the answers to the questions asked or complaints filed, in order to enforce the obligations of a User in relation to the site, and also because of the public benefit or the benefit of the person this data is related to. We register the IP of all of our Users to be able to keep track of their actions on the site. As a result, we can also identify individual persons and verify the legality of the actions carried out by them on the site. We also store the e-mail addresses to be able to determine the popularity of our website. We may also for our own purposes use the information related to the activities of our Users, such as those given when registering, and check the actions taken on the site by our Users. All User data are strictly protected. We understand that everyone wants to preserve privacy in the Internet, therefore the data entrusted to us are stored in areas which are not accessible by unauthorized persons. The basic regulations concerning the storage and use, by site, information concerning the Users is the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883, as amended.), therefore HighCash.org is entered into a national registry of personal data files under the number .... Using the data on the site shall be performed in accordance with the Rules and Privacy Policy of the site, which are backed by regulations of law. HighCash.org shall never make public or provide information about our Users to any person unrelated to the website.

2. Other connections with third parties as well as legal specifications that you need to know and remember.

Our site will make public nor sell any information about our Users to third parties or to anyone unrelated with the site. On the other hand, the User is solely responsible for non-observance of the data confidentiality only to him, including username and password. The same is true when the User in the public field of the site will make his data, intentionally or unintentionally, available through his activity. In this case the site is not responsible for such a behavior of the User. However, each User must know that by using our services he agrees with the possibility that the legality of his actions on the website may be verified and possible legal consequences may arise from it. HighCash.org may be asked by government or treasury institutions to disclose the data about our Users. We are obliged to do this if we are requested. If any of the offices, such as the Tax Office or the Court sends us a subpoena related to a particular case or person, we will have to cooperate with it and do what is necessary to clarify the matter. Therefore, besides the above rules, the User is obliged to settle the income earned in the website with the competent tax authority in his country, appropriate for his place of residence. We may also disclose certain information about the Users if there is a security risk of other Users, third parties or the website. We may also do the same when we are forced to defend the legality of our actions and provisions contained in the Rules and the Privacy Policy. There is a possibility that we will need legal consultation. In this case, we may pass some information about the Users to our lawyers. We do not provide assistance if our User receives a subpoena. Everyone is obliged to settle the case under their responsibility.

3. Security and confidential data.

Our website is very well protected against loss, alteration or misuse of information that it contains, and which we are obliged to protect. We create every day backups of our files and information about the Users, that protect data from loss. Everything is further protected by a password system, which is known only to the Administrator of the website. Users’ confidential data are kept in an encrypted location for at least five years. We cooperate with several other parties and we do not accept responsibility for their actions. We assume here the websites to which links can be found on our home page. We recommend that you become familiar with the provisions of the Privacy Statement of all these parties to avoid potential misunderstandings. In the event of the need for maintenance, the website will perform them as soon as possible, while ensuring full security of all information made available to us by the Users.

4. Safety of the uploaded files.

We try to do everything in our power to prevent loss, damage, alteration or misuse by third parties of the information on our server. Access to important files is only made available to few people: Administrator of the website and the persons who put it to the server. HighCash.org shall never provide any information about these data to anyone unrelated to the website, with the exception of state authorities upon their request. Files located on our server will be removed in the event of a breach of the Rules of the Website and this Privacy Policy. Files can be optionally removed when the person who wants to download a file, sends us a notification of the irregularity of the file and the application will be accepted by the website.

5. "Cookies".

"Cookies" are small text information placed in all computers connected to the Internet. This information is sent from the servers of websites to the Users’ web browsers. HighCash.org uses them to track the actions of our Users, to save their settings as well as to know what the given User is doing at a particular time on the site. They may also be used to create statistics that will remain the exclusive property of the site. Thanks to them, we also have information on the amount of traffic at our website. The User can very easily block the "Cookies" received from us. This can be done in the options of web browsers. However, the advertisers whose ads are placed on our website may place special "Cookies" in the Users’ browser. You must know, however, that if the cookies are disabled it may result in improper operation of our website and the sites linked to it, e.g. there may be a problem with logging to our website and accessing it. A single removal of "Cookies" does not stop the User completely from receiving them. Each time the browser is opened, a User who has not set permanently the opt out to receive "Cookies" will get a certain number of them.

6. Advertisements on our website.

We have on our website a few ads. Our advertisers have the possibility to Use some information about our Users for their own purposes, in particular information related to visiting our website and other websites linked to our site, with the exception of personal data such as a name, surname, e-mail address or phone number. Their aim is to encourage our Users as potential customers to use their products advertised on our website. We are not responsible for their actions. On the other hand, the site has the right to send e-mail message to the User’s account and to his account at HighCash.org. Their content may be related to the operation of the site, answers to questions, as well as warnings and reports from the Administrator of the website.

7. Adults and the under-aged.

HighCash.org is interested in cooperation with both adults and people under 18 years of age. Users of our website may only be persons having at least limited legal capacity, however, they need the consent (written or implied) of a legal representative (parent or guardian) to take any action related to the site. We are not responsible for Users who are under 18 years of age and began operations on HighCash.org without having a consent of their representatives. If, however, there is a threat to a person under 18 years of age or the welfare of such a person is violated, the site undertakes to respond to such violations. In the case when a person under the age of 13 years registers in the site, the account of such a person will be immediately removed.

8. The change of information by Users.

Every User has the right to access their data and the possibility to change their personal data at any time. This can be done in the User Control Panel in Menu "Account", webpage "General". Each User is obliged in particular to update his details. During registration, the User is obliged to provide all necessary information to register his account on the site and during the use of the site the User, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations, is obliged to use his true data.

9. Amendments to the Privacy provisions.

HighCash.org reserves at any time the right to change the features and functions on the site and the Privacy provisions. The site will publish in the User’s Panel, on a webpage "Messages" accurate information the change of the Privacy Policy and what the change applies.

10. Other information.

Please send any questions to the following email addresses:
admin@highcash.org - concerning matters related to the Rules, Privacy Policy, and cooperation with the site.
support@highcash.org - concerning matters related to errors that occur on the site and to the technical activities.
contact@highcash.org - any inquiries, opinions, complaints, suggestions, notices.
payments@highcash.org - issues connected with the contract of work and payments, including payouts, payment setup.